A Random Friday Rant: Shut up, Tyrese Gibson


I’m about sick to death of black men with full (or otherwise) love lives becoming experts on what black women need to do to be freed of their independence. So, STFU Tyrese.
Sometimes I get tempted to get all up in the commentary on these blogs, but it’s almost not worth it. Usually, some captain-save-a-woman-from-herself rolls up and checks everybody on having any kind of reaction at all. And that defeats the point. I am allowed to be annoyed at Tyrese/Steve/Jimi and anyone else who portends to know my complexity well-enough to explain away my freedom as a liability.
Whether or not anonymous commenter #1-8 likes it should be of no concern. It’s difficult enough being a well-read black woman in America without feeling like I need to defend myself against anonymous haters.

I know what’s best for me. I’m a grown ass woman, dog. I know how to choose a mate. There are a lot of black women who do, too. Don’t listen to Tyrese, aka, the fetus from Baby Boy. He is not a damn expert on you or me or anybody — he hardly even seems to be an expert on himself. Think I’m going overboard? Take a glimpse at his Twitter feed. He should stick to Fast and Furious cinema.

4 thoughts on “A Random Friday Rant: Shut up, Tyrese Gibson

  1. I started a comment about how as a movie star the people he surrounds himself with could have examples that represent what he describes and the rest of us cannot relate because we never would. But then I realized that could sound like defending him which I never would want to even be construed as attempting.

  2. I agree with him. A lot of black women do in fact say things like “I am independent; I don’t need no blah blah blah.” I agree with him about that part 100%. There are some that are so “independent” that they do end up alone because they just turn off every man that comes along. I agree exactly with what he’s saying. Amen.

  3. He makes me cringe, telling women what to do. I could hardly get through this video to hear him NOT define who exactly these “man’s men” we should “wait for” are.

    Bless his heart, though…He’s trying so hard. If he doesn’t have a truly empowered woman in his life who can give him a lesson on respect and show him he doesn’t know the half of it, it’s certainly his loss.

    But I guess he’s on the right track…”It’s expected of men to cheat…it’s a part of our upbringing…it’s a horrible double standard,” he says to Wendy Williams. Maybe it’s time to read the next chapter, Tyrese. There’s a lot more where that came from.

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