Reads for the weekend: Swingle women, Empty Hands & Full Hearts and How to deal with Fear of Missing Out



(This is a picture I took of Talib Kweli during SXSW. He is in no way endorsing anything I write about, I’m just a fan.)

Politics isn’t really my favorite topic but I can’t avoid it. Maybe because I’m one of these fun new swingles?

“The single woman, or “swingle,” as pollsters are now calling her, is already one of the largest voting blocs at 55 million, and that number is growing by almost 1 million voters a year—faster than any other group of voters broken out in the polls,” reports Hanna Rosin at Slate. “They may think like Republicans but they live like a Republican’s parody of a Democrat. They struggle financially, and living alone has given them a kind of ‘ambiguous independence,’  as (Kathy Edin, Harvard sociologist) likes to say.”

I cannot wait to study sociology so that I can use fantastic phrases like ‘ambiguous independence.’ It sounds so fancy.

Speaking of fancy, in my efforts to succeed at adulthood, I read Get Rich Slowly often. This is a great post from April Dykman on how to handle your fear of missing out (or FOMO).

One of my favorites: Leo Babauta at Zen Habits on empty hands and full hearts: “Having empty hands but a heart that is full of love leaves us prepared for anything.”

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