Following up on black women and protection: I’ll be on NPR today

My Target Market piece about black women and guns, which I originally wrote for Bitch Magazine, has started getting some attention this month. It surprised me (is July a big shooting month?) but I’m really excited about it, so that’s no complaint.

The UTNE Reader republished the piece in its July/August issue. It’s a shorter version of the original piece, which was close to 4,000 words.

Then Andrew Sullivan, a popular blogger at The Daily Beast (who I have enjoyed reading since he was at the Atlantic) linked to that story last night.

I’ll be talking on New Hampshire Public Radio in a few minutes about the piece. You can listen on the web, if you have time. I think they’ll have a sound file I can share with folks, and I can post that too.

I’ve also been working on the book and will post another excerpt tomorrow. Did somebody say something about summer vacation?

2 thoughts on “Following up on black women and protection: I’ll be on NPR today

  1. Don’t get NPR where I’m at but I hope it went well and you didn’t shoot yourself in the foot. Ha, ha…couldn’t resist, sorry-o! I’m sure you did great.

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