Top Posts from March & Thoughts on Competition

March was an exciting month, but I can’t believe it went so quickly.

Here are some of the highlights in case you missed them:

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Kate Bolick talks to The Hairpin about her life after the Atlantic cover story

A week of writing, teaching and editing awaits. As much as I love the Internet, I need some offline time to get ready for the GRE on Friday. But I have been thinking about competition, writing and grief a lot lately. Here are some of those thoughts from a longer essay:

When I was little, Mom and I would sometimes dance together in the living room to the radio. She had a funny way of dancing — her shoulders would move up and down and she would sweep her feet from side to side. Like a line dance she made up. My memory of her dancing is probably my favorite memory of her, and when I write about us again, it’ll be the central theme of what I write.

One of the gifts of her goofiness and the slices of advice she dispatched to me over the years is more of what she never said than what she did say. I never heard her talk about anyone as her competition. She never said a word about enemies, or haters, or detractors.

I think she simply ignored them. I like to think that she was so busy living her life that she never even considered them.

On my journey, I have met some negative resistance from people who don’t know my past and only see the present. It is clear, from their gaze, from the way they aim to kill my dreams, and sometimes even more nuanced or blatant comments, that they view me as competition.

I hope you can find something useful in there for you. I’ll get back to blogging next week. Until then, I hope April starts off right for you.

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