Top Posts in April: Standardized Tests, Recommended Reading & Single lady blogging

It turns out that even though I am not betrothed & I am a woman, I can still have a sense of humor. Welcome to my new followers/visitors from around the world. I’m humbled that you were entertained by some of my musings in April. It makes all of the pain of studying for the GRE totally worth it. Almost.

Here were some of the greatest hits this month:

Why Standardized Tests are a lot like being single

The New Yorker on why so many Americans are single

The Good Men Project on why dating bloggers (like me? I guess?) are single

Commenters go a little crazy over Staceyann Chin’s Guardian piece about lesbians who chase straight girls

I wrote a piece about a relationship that both broke my heart, ruined a nine-year friendship and taught me more than any other relationship I’d had up to that point for GOOD’s Dealbreaker series.

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