Date the Artists, Please.

I was at an amazing craft fair with a few friends recently, and I stopped by a booth that was looking for women who make things.

This confused me, since as a writer, a lot of what I make consists of images and concepts on paper. The first image that popped in my mind (which I did not share) was Demi Moore with Patrick Swayze in Ghost “Making Clay Pots.”

“We include writers,” she said. “We are especially look for screenwriters.”

Oh. Well. I gave her my email address anyway.

But then I saw this list on How About We, (which I’ve never used or visited before, but that I’ve heard about) and it reinvigorated my artistic spirit: 10 Reasons to Date Someone in the Arts.

I like the whole list. Especially this one:

Artists lead exciting, passionate lives.

And when you date them, you get to be a part of it for a while.

Yes! Just make sure you date a real artist. Writers are definitely on that list. Because I said so.

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