The Grio on Call Tyrone & a pastor who says black women should stay single

Dreams really do come true, y’all… as long as you think like the right kind of man:

Call Tyrone offers a counter argument. What distinguishes it from other black dating books by men — and yes it is named after the Erykah Badu song — is Johnson’s suggestion that the single life within the church is a gift from God. Not a curse, but a blessing.

“First and foremost, [I] have a desire to inform and educate all women that they are precious and priceless in the sight of God,” he said. “Because of that, a woman shouldn’t lower herself in any way. In the book what I seek to do is exalt and extol the value of singleness; how it can be a gift of God [and] how it is a blessed gift. The Lord Jesus was single, and he was able to embrace his singleness and use it for the purpose of ministry. I also point to women in history who have given their lives in singleness and really thought to serve others. Singleness is something that the Bible really condones and promotes.”

Johnson also proudly asserts that Call Tyrone does not place the entire onus of African-American dating on the black woman. Johnson wants black men to share in their responsibility for creating the circumstances in which 55% of African-American women are unmarried — the highest rate of any race.

I was just talking to somebody about the classic status of Tyrone. This makes me not only want to buy this book but also play that song on repeat.

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