Single Lady Quotes: Ann Friedman

Ann Friedman says what we are all thinking. As usual. (Source: The Hairpin)

If you haven’t heard of Ann Friedman, Happy Friday! As you can see from the lovely pie chart above, she’s witty and like me, she pretends not to know what OKCupid is when her married friends ask.

Also, she’s hilarious. Did I say that already? Here’s her fantastic blog, and a post on International Slutty Women’s Day: A Story in GIFs, which I adore.

Ann’s humor works best in context for me, so it’s hard to just pick a pithy quote or two, so I’ve included links for context:

It’s true that everyone in the world thinks everyone else is having more sex than they are. Especially people they consider attractive. I am here to tell you that this is probably not the case! And it is definitely not the case when it comes to accomplished and funny and beautiful women who would like to be having sex with men.

Are you shocked by this news? Yes? Welcome, heterosexual male readers! (From “Neko Case Can’t Get Laid!”)



As a single lady with little time or inclination to go on traditional dates, I’ll admit it: I’ve long been jealous of my gay friends’ access to Grindr, the location-based casual-hookup app. For almost as long, I’ve been telling just about anyone who will listen to me that we need a heterosexual version of this technology. (From “Blendr Isn’t Grindr: Why We Still Don’t Have a Straight Hookup App“)



Rumpus: As someone who spends so much professional time on the Internet, how—and why, and when—do you disconnect? What’s the best thing about the time you spend offline?

Friedman: I have a dream of retreating to a #spinstercabin for a few weeks of respite from the Internet. In the meantime, I make a point of occasionally leaving my house without my phone. Or I drink enough whiskey that I am unable to operate it. (From an interview at The Rumpus. Also, me too, girl. Me, too.)

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