Top Posts in July: The Swirling review, Pseudorelationships & Tracy McMillan’s book

I didn’t realize that having an unpopular opinion could get you trolled by anonymous haters on Goodreads, but that’s exactly what happened with this Swirling review. The book has already inspired a film, but peruse the comments below this article at Shadow & Act about that.

If you’ve ever been texted/Tweeted into something that kind of feels like a committed relationship, this blog on pseudorelationships is for you.

In which I discuss not being sure I want to love on my partner and be required to clean all the things, by default.

My assessment and thoughts on the Tracy McMillan book, “Why You’re Not Married Yet.”  Spoiler: It’s not as bad as I thought.

From the book:

An Introduction of sorts,

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